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  Introduction to Engineering Training
Shandong University College Software Training Centeris a place that enhances the international principles with the goal of cultivating high-level, engineering-typed and internationalized talents, achieving audience knowledge systems and industrial needs accessibility docking, set up to strengthen the practice of teaching. The center includes Linux based laboratories, Database Application Laboratory, IBM technology laboratory, teaching laboratories Microsoft, the software engineering laboratory, Embedded Systems Laboratory, network engineering laboratory, as well as the

establishment of joint enterprises with the visualization technology Laboratory, software outsourcing laboratory,numerical pattern of the climate laboratory, Software Process Improvement Laboratory, E-government laboratories, E-Science Laboratory, E-Edutainment Laboratory, E-home laboratory experiments and student innovation Room.

Our Laboratory and Industrial Training Institute takes pride in consistent upgrade and maintaining our facilities and equipments to nurture our students with the latest technologies and experiences.

Our Institute main objective is to provide professional software engineering that uses vocational skills and ability training that incorporate internally and externally with the e-government, Linux technology and many others. They will be exposed to industry internship that uniquely simulates the actual vocational training environment where students will have the opportunity to shorten the pre-employment.

Our Institute has close relationship with many renowned international companies as well as local companies. For our international partnership, they are IBM, Intel, HP, Microsoft, the United States Infor, E5 system, Citigroup Software Technology Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., NEC and many other. As for our local companies, they are Digital China (China) Ltd., Hisense Group, Inspur Group, Shanghai minimally invasive, AsiaInfo Holdings, Dalian Hi-Think Computer Corp, and more. There are also more than 70 renowned Chinese companies established just outside our Training Institute.

We have been constantly and actively expanding our internal and external cooperation to provide a better training environment and exposure for our students. Since 2003, our Training Institute has already provided more than 700 groups of students to do corporate internships. At present, there are nearly 200 students participated in the "summer short-term skills training" and the "Japanese software development training". The training under the "Japanese software development training" is directly trained from NEC, Dalian Hi-Think Computer Corp, Shanghai Wei Chuang and other renowned companies.

In order to build up the foundation of teaching and learning experience, we strongly encourage our student to participate in joint laboratory research and development activities and innovative practice after the school hour. Currently, we have more than 50 people who have completed the "environment based on the weather forecast UNICORE Applicationˇ±, "Comprehensive Educational Systemˇ±, more than 20 others software research and development projects. Our encouragements to our student have returned us with great honor with wining of more than 30 passengers in the National Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling, United States mathematical modeling contest, the ACM International Collegiate Programming Asia Design Competition, Microsoft Imagine Cup software development contest, game development contest and much more.
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