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  Dean¡¯s Message
Dean¡¯s Message
Since the day of its establishment, the goal of Software College of Shandong University is to train ¡°high-level, engineering-typed and internationalized¡± students. According to the needs of enterprises and industries¡¯ development, it determines the cultivation direction, curriculum and practical systems .It constantly regulates and optimizes its majors¡¯ establishment. At the same time, it persists on the ombination of the theory with practice, of the humanities with
the advanced technologies. It also constantly enhances and extends the international co-operation and exchange by inviting top-level famous professors and introducing English textbooks in the original. It collects first-class educational resources. All in all, it learns from international experience on the training of software elites and devotes itself to the cultivation of the advanced software engineering professionals in China.
As a software college for national demonstration, we are experiencing a new development of Shandong University. Persisting in the instruction of ¡°Being noble with the spirit and study constantly¡±, with the goal of fully improving the educational quality and exploring new modes of training software talents, we are trying to make the college a driving force as well as an accelerator for the development of software industry in China.

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