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It is one of the most creative, imaginative and vigorous majors in the information field. Taken digital video, two-dimension as well as three-dimension digital animated cartoon, digital news, network advertisement as the visual expression, the digital media has become an important form to public communication media and visual arts such as TV, film, plane art design, industrial design, costume design, architecture, environmental design, and so on. Its production value has exceeded traditional Film and TV industry and become a rising and prosperous industry. The digital media technology has a broader applicative prospect.

Cultivation Objective:: Our school aims to provide professional digital media and content training that will meet the industry demands. Students will be equipped with technical knowledge that includes computer art, literature, history, and industrial design that will cultivate them with innovative and composite personnel. Graduates can venture into related industries like digital media consulter, video animator, cartoon designer and game consulter. They are also given opportunities to be part of the industries like advertisement, publisher, article, journalist, cultural related, institutions of higher learning, national agent and network enterprises with good employment and development prospects.

 Main courses: Advanced programming language, data structure, basic music theory, drawings foundation, colored pattern basis, operating systems, computer graphics, digital image processing, interactive technology, multimedia technology, Script / planning, computer game design, computer animation technology, digital media production, multimedia network system design and engineering, planar / solid composition and design, network communication and culture.

  Length of study: Four years

Expected Degree: Bachelor¡¯s degree of Engineering

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